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Volume 14

Migration in, from, and to Southeastern Europe
Part 2: Ways and Strategies of Migrating

Edited by Klaus Roth and Jutta Lauth Bacas

Ethnologia Balkanica
Journal for Southeast European Anthropology
Zeitschrift für die Anthropologie Südosteuropas
Journal d’ethnologie du sud-est européen

Contents Volume 14/2010


Strategies, ways, and means of migration

Karolina Bielenin-Lenczowska, Warsaw:
Different Models of Labour Migration in Contemporary Macedonia – or What Does pečalba Mean Today?

Dimitra Thoma, Athens:
Understanding Migrants’ Experiences of Social Exclusion and Inclusion: the Case of Bulgarian Immigrants in Greece

Rossitza Guentcheva, Sofia:
Long Distance Relationships: Children and Migration in Contemporary Bulgaria

Burcu Şimşek, Ankara:
The Strategies that Foreign Women Domestic Workers Use to Overcome the Stereotypes They Face in Turkey

Michal Svoboda, Amsterdam/Prague:
Changing Events – Stable Networks. Regime Turnovers, the “Great Trip” and the Life History of a Bulgarian-Turkish Entrepreneur

Ildiko Erdei, Belgrade:
Migrants of the Future – Serbian Youth between Imaginary and Real Migration

Irregular migration

Sabine Hess, Munich:
The Invention of “Transit Migration”. Theoretical and Methodological Considerations on Illegal Migration in Europe’s Southeastern Border Region

Jutta Lauth Bacas, Athens:
No Safe Haven: the Reception of Irregular Boat Migrants in Greece

Daniel Habit, Munich:
“Getting to Europe” – Afghan Refugees, Urban Discourses and European Strategies in Patras

Mila Mancheva, Sofia:
Irregular Migration and Undocumented Migrant Work After Bulgaria’s EU Accession

Cavidan Soykan, Colchester:
The Impact of Common European Union Immigration Policy on Turkey.

Return migration and effects on home countries

Jasna Čapo Žmegač, Zagreb:
Return Migration: the Changing Faces and Challenging Facets of a Field of Study

Melinda Dincă, Ania Ceauşescu, Timişoara:
Implications of Migration Flows on the Community Life of a Romanian Village. A Case Study of Biled, Timiş County, Romania

Vesna Vučinić-Nešković, Belgrade:
Intercultural Experiences of Hauzmajstor. A Case Study on Repatriate Entrepreneurship in Serbia

Raluca Petre, Constanţa:
The “Market effect” on the 1990 Romanian Emigration Generation: the Genealogy of a Misunderstanding

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