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Volume 03

Ethnologia Balkanica
Journal for Southeast European Anthropology
Zeitschrift für die Anthropologie Südosteuropas
Journal d’anthropologie du sud-est européen

Contents Volume 3/1999


Ethnicity, Identity, Nationalism, Interethnic Relations

  • Christian Giordano, Fribourg
    Ethnizität und Territorialität. Zur sozialen Konstruktion von Differenz in Mittel- und Osteuropa
    Ethnicity and Territoriality. On the social construction of difference in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Ulf Brunnbauer, Graz
    Diverging (Hi-)Stories: The Contested Identity of the Bulgarian Pomaks
  • Asen Balikci, Sofia
    Pomak Identity: National Prescriptions and Native Assumptions
  • Cvetana Georgieva, Sofia
    Coexistence as a System in the Everyday Life of Christians and Muslims in Bulgaria
  • Veselin Tepavičarov, Sofia
    Traditional Local Government Structure in Settlements with Mixed Populations
  • Thede Kahl, Münster
    Die Zagóri-Dörfer in Nordgriechenland: Wirtschaftliche Einheit – ethnische Vielfalt
    The Zagóri Villages in Northern Greece: Economic Unity – Ethnic Diversity
  • Jasna Čapo-Žmegač, Zagreb
    "We are Croats. It is not our goal to be set apart from our own people"
    A Failed Attempt at Firmer Incorporation of Croatian Migrants
  • Zdenek Uherek, Prague
    Bosnian Czechs: A Lesson from the Theory of Ethnicity
  • Albert Doja, Paris
    Ethnicité, construction nationale et nationalisme dans l'aire albanaise: Approche anthropologique du conflit et des relations interethniques
    Ethnicity, Nation-Building and Nationalism in the Albanian Lands: An anthropological approach to the conflict and to interethnic relations
  • Radost Ivanova, Sofia
    Once More About the Kosovo Myth and its Utilisation
  • Nicolae Constantinescu, Bucharest
    Romanian Family Ballads and Interethnic Relations

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