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Volume 06

Ethnologia Balkanica
Journal for Southeast European Anthropology
Zeitschrift für die Anthropologie Südosteuropas
Journal d’anthropologie du sud-est européen

Contents Volume 6/2002


  • Slobodan Naumović, Belgrade
    The Ethnology of Transformation as Transformed Ethnology: The Serbian Case

Ethnicity, Nationalism, Migration

  • Birgit Bock-Luna, Frankfurt/Oder
    Imagining the Future in the Light of a Violent Past: Serbian Exiles in the United States Envision Global Political Futures
  • Petko Hristov, Sofia
    The Use of Holidays for Propaganda Purposes. The “Serbian” Slava and/or the "Bulgarian" Săbor
  • Isabelle Girod, Fribourg
    Les choix emblématique en Croatie: Un domaine en effervescence
  • Carolin Leutloff-Grandits, Halle/Saale
    Housing Relations After an Ethnic War: National and Social Dimensions of Home in the War-Torn Region of Knin/Croatia
  • Stefan Dorondel, Bucharest
    Orthodoxy, Nationalism, and Local Identities: a Romanian Case Study
  • Thede Kahl, Münster
    The Ethnicity of Aromanians after 1990: the Identity of a Minority that Behaves like a Majority
  • Georgia Kretsi, Berlin
    The 'Secret' Past of the Greek-Albanian Borderlands. Cham Muslim Albanians: Perspectives on a Conflict over Historical Accountability and Current Rights
  • Jutta Lauth Bacas, Athens
    Greece and its New Immigrants. Features and Consequences of the Recent Immigration to Greece

Folk Ideas

  • Gheorghiţă Geană, Bucharest
    Health as a Value in Romanian Folk Culture

Urban Ethnology

  • Cristina Năstăsache, Bucharest
    Modernizing Bucharest Between Western Architectural Influences and Local Administrative Policies in the Second Half of the 19th Century
  • Marin Constantin, Bucharest
    Urban Sites for Anthropological Research. Three Case Studies from Bucharest

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