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Volume 09

Ethnologia Balkanica
Journal for Southeast European Anthropology
Zeitschrift für die Anthropologie Südosteuropas
Journal d’anthropologie du sud-est européen

Contents Volume 9/2005


Urban Life – Urban Culture

  • Thomas Hengartner, Hamburg
    “Exploring the City”. Ways and Concepts of (Western) Urban Anthropology
  • Keith Brown, Providence (Rhode Island)
    The Knowable City: Interpretation, Social Science, Activism
  • Alexander Maxwell, Reno (Nevada)
    Budapest and Thessaloniki as Slavic Cities (1800–1914): Urban Infrastructures, National Organizations and Ethnic Territories
  • Dubravka Stojanović, Belgrade
    Rural Against Urban: Anti-Urban Discourse and Ideology in Early Twentieth Century Serbia
  • Petko Hristov, Sofia
    Places to Exchange Cultural Patterns: The Market and the “Piazza for Hired Labor” in Sofia
  • Ulf Brunnbauer, Berlin
    “The Town of the Youth”. Dimitrovgrad and Bulgarian Socialism
  • Daniela Koleva, Sofia
    Rural-Urban Migration in the Normal Biography
  • Miloš Matić, Belgrade
    Urban Economics in a Rural Manner. Family Economizing in Some Socialist Serbian Cities
  • Stef Jansen, Manchester (UK)
    Who’s Afraid of White Socks? Towards a Critical Understanding of Post-Yugoslav Urban Self-Perceptions
  • Evgenia Krăsteva-Blagoeva, Sofia
    Country House Ownership: a Rural-Urban Phenomenon in Bulgaria
  • Gen Fujii, London
    Ruins, Decay and New Constructions: Materializing Family in Postsocialist Housing in Gjirokastër, Southern Albania
  • Ivaylo Ditchev, Sofia
    Cities on Borders: the Stronghold Complex
  • Robert M. Hayden, Pittsburgh
    Religious Structures and Political Dominance in Belgrade
  • Miroslava Malešević, Belgrade
    The Introduction of Religion to State Schools in Serbia and “Orthodox(is)ing” the Identity of Serbian Youth
  • Mateja Sedmak, Koper
    Social Inclusion/Exclusion of Immigrant Groups in Urban Slovenia. The Case of Istria
  • Cerasela Voiculescu, Bucharest
    Production and Consumption of Folk-Pop Music in Postsocialist Romania: Discourse and Practice
  • Igor Duda, Zagreb
    Escaping the City: Leisure Travel in Croatia in the 1950s and 1960s
  • Peter Stanković, Ljubljana
    Soccer and Nationalism in Slovenia
  • Ágnes Rajacic, Canterbury
    Private Morals versus European Politics. The Mobilisation of National Myths from Hungary’s Millennium (2000) to EU Integration (2004)
  • Alenka Švab, LjubljanaPublic Homophobia and the Privatisation of Homosexuality. Everyday Lives of Gay and Lesbian Couples in Slovenia

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