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Vortrag von Engin Isin (Milton Keynes): Everyday Political Ethics and the City

Dienstag, 10.5.16, 18-20Uhr, Oettingenstr. 67, L 155


Im Rahmen des diessemestrigen Forschungskolloquiums Urbane Ethiken - Das gute und richtige Leben in der Stadt trägt am 10.5.16 Engin Isin (Milton Keynes) zum Thema "Everyday Political Ethics and the City" vor.

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Zum Inhalt:

Often political ethics is understood as the domain of conduct for public leaders. It involves understanding ethical judgements involved in making laws and policy that concern the conduct of subjects governed through such laws and policy. I would like to suggest that political ethics is also the domain of citizens when governing themselves in the city. Negotiating the shared experience of being thrown together in the city, citizens learn how to conduct themselves as an everyday practice: mundane, invisible, spectacular, surprising, unexpected, routine are all woven into the fabric of the city. This lecture will draw on some contemporary problems in/of the city such as refugees, gentrification, housing, walking, commuting, and photographing to illustrate how citizens govern themselves when presented with ethico-political questions of conduct.

Engin Isin is a Professor of Citizenship at The Open University. He both studies and engages activist and artistic communities that create subjects of politics as speaking, thinking, and acting political beings themselves.