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Neuerscheinung: Münchner Ethnographische Schriften Band 29

Simone Egger, Johannes Moser (Hrsg.) 2019: The vulnerable middle class? - Strategies of housing in prospering cities (= Münchner Ethnografische Schriften Bd. 29), München, 146 S, ISBN 9783831647552, 29,00 Euro


This volume addresses the question of how the rapidly rising cost of living in prospering cities affects the everyday life and life plans of the middle class. Particularly the depths of focus of a cultural anthropological, ethnographic view of the lived everyday life of people thus facilitates insight and understanding which is missing in certain macro perspectives in the economics and social sciences. Therefore, in the following contributions which are based on examples from Germany and Sweden, colleagues will discuss the question of how members of the middle class deal with residing and living in today’s postmodern cities, which tactics they develop and which strategies become apparent before the background of the processes sketched above. The seven papers originate from the panel “The vulnerable Middle Class? Strategies of housing in a prospering city” which was organized by the two editors at the 13th congress of the Societé Internationale d’Ethnologie et de Folklore 2017 in Göttingen, titled “Ways of Dwelling. Crisis – Craft – Creativity“.

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